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Comrite Knowledge Annual Premium Plan

Price : $99.00
duration (days) : 365
Category : Subscriptions
Description :

Knowledge is power!

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

Comrite Knowledge ( is an online social knowledge network, helps you build, organize, store your important knoweledge, connect and share with the people in your life.

Our powerful groups management can speed-up the knowledge build process.

The easy to use Asciidoc format can help you publish/export/sell your knowledge using ebook/pdf format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, scribd  etc quickly.

If you want to see the demo, you can sign-up and use the free plan. The free plan covers the basic functions, but have some resources limits as shown in the table. 


Plan \ Resource Limits   Blogs   Posts   Albums   Documents   Photos   Videos   Projects   Groups   GPosts   Stroage (GB)  
Free Plan   Yes_option   Yes_option   3   1   1   No_option   1   1   5   1  
Premium   Yes_option   Yes_option   1000   1000   1000   500   1000   2000   2000   10  

notesYes_option: no limit No_option: do not allowed 

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